Life is meant to be fun and so is movement. Our bodies are made to move and your mission throughout Bridalicious Bootcamp is to move in a way that makes you feel happy and alive. To find activities, people and environments that make it easy to move and most importantly are FUN.


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‘A man is most himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.’ – Heraclitus

Children intuitively know how to play. As adults we ‘grow up’, take ourselves too seriously and lose that child-like nature of play. Your mission with your wedding workouts is to move in a way that makes you happy; a way that feels like PLAY. Research shows that we continue behaviours that bring us pleasure and avoid those that bring us pain. A mistake many women make when trying to achieve wedding weight loss is they start an exercise regime that is entirely torturous, in an environment they don’t enjoy, with people they don’t know, or worse still, try to go it alone.

Exercise that feels like play

You cannot behave in a way that is inconsistent with your feelings and values. So if for you EXERCISE = PAIN then you will give up before you’ve even begun.

We need to embrace a new equation when it comes to exercise: PLAY = PLEASURE.

During Bridalicious Bootcamp you will turn your world into a series of PLAY-GROUNDS. You will perform a PLAYGROUND audit to assess which parts of your PLAYGROUND can be RE-ENGINEERED to make space for PLAY – your work, commute, gym, social life or hobbies. When you get to the point that you WANT to move, that’s when your desired wedding dress body becomes achievable and your FIT WIFE FOR LIFE lifestyle becomes sustainable.

“Bridalicious Bootcamp offers the perfect mix of playful exercise, with the opportunity to work out hard and at our own pace through the online wedding workouts. I now look forward to finding time to PLAY” – Rach

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