Arguably the most important part of the program, LOVE is what will allow life to flow from the HEART and ultimately serve a healthy and happy marriage. Bridalicious Bootcamp takes you on a journey of first LOVING YOURSELF, LOVING HIM & LOVING OTHERS. Which means we give you regular Pamper Projects.


  • Love you first
  • Pamper projects
  • Quiet time
  • Date nights
  • The 5 Love languages
  • Great Communication
  • Blessed to be a blessing
  • Celebrate others
  • The Power of Forgiveness


‘Watch over your heart with all diligence, for it determines the course of your life.’ Prov 4:23

LOVE makes the world go round. Well, not completely, but it sure does make the ride worthwhile. Strip everything else back and it is LOVE that gives meaning to the whole human experience. In order to LOVE in a healthy, wholesome and lasting way, you must first learn to have a healthy, wholesome and lasting LOVE of YOU. Two halves don’t make a whole ie. If you bring 2 broken and insecure people into a marriage, they won’t have a happy marriage that’s whole. So first LOVE YOU. True transformation occurs first with a transformation of HEART.

“I found Sally’s knowledge, positive and passionate energy very inspiring and liked watching the weekly videos…I particularly liked the video about giving 100/100 in relationships rather than 50/50. I believe Bridalicious Bootcamp truly encourages healthy relationships and happy marriages with lessons like these – they are invaluable” – Jade

A Story about love

Addressing matters of your HEART will open the doorway to your transformation. Believe it or not, behaviours are predominantly driven by subconscious rather than conscious desires.

So while you consciously want to achieve wedding weight loss, your subconscious prefers pleasure over pain and it recalls past failed attempts which can hold you back.

While there are many exercise and diet programs, over 80% of people fail at weight loss. I believe this is because the head and HEART are often neglected in the process of transformation. To truly transform your life, you need to embrace a deep sense of self-LOVE guided by discovering your values and purpose in life. During Bridalicious Bootcamp we will address matters of the HEART so that you can freely and healthy LOVE YOU, HIM and OTHERS.

During the program you will be challenged, inspired and supported to discover your health destination, invest into a happy marriage, nurture wholesome relationships, care for your skin and body and take 100% responsibility for your personal transformation. Bridalicious Bootcamp will guide you on a journey of LOVING YOU, LOVING HIM & LOVING OTHERS.

“Bridalicious Bootcamp is a wonderful journey toward better fitness, eating habits, a happy marriage and overall well-being…definitely the perfect lead in to your big day!” – Emma

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