Connection Through Touch: The Art of Couples Massage

Why not bring ancient benefits into your marriage with a ritual sharing in couples massage?  Whether it is offering a massage to your husband, doing a massage course together or booking in a regular couples massage, this practice can have immeasurable benefits for your health and marriage. Convince your husband it’s not girly and he’ll undoubtedly fall in love with this new pampering.

One of the immediate benefits of massage is a feeling of deep relaxation and calm. This occurs because massage prompts the release of endorphins, the brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that produce feelings of happiness and well-being. Levels of stress hormones are also reduced.

couples massageMassage is perhaps one of the oldest healing traditions. Many cultures – including the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese and Indians – were convinced of the therapeutic benefits of massage and used it to treat a variety of ailments.

Partner massages offer more than just a physical relief, but they also offer a deep sense of connection to your husband. Some of the physical benefits of massage include: reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, reduced stress, improved skin tone, improved injury rehabilitation, increased flexibility, heightened alertness and reduced anxiety and depression.

Do yourself and your marriage a favour by embracing couples massage. Go shopping together for massage lotions or oils. Incorporating aroma therapy into the massage experience will only heighten the senses. Find scents that you both love that will help induce relaxation, stress reduction, or even scents that might trigger a little foreplay!

Transformation Task

Book a couples massage date – at home, at a salon or look into a short massage course together.

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Are Wedding Day Nerves Turning You into Bridezilla? Take 10 to Stay Bridechilla

One of the most common things women say after their wedding day is ‘it went so quickly!’ All of those months of planning and preparing will be over in, well… a single day! Most women get nervous at some stage of their engagement and with all of the pressure it’s easy to see how easy it is for the Bridezilla to emerge! Your wedding day is going to be one of the BEST days of your life but, the fact remains, your wedding is just one, short day so to make sure you soak up all of the beauty, joy and love of your big day, take 10 minutes to mentally prepare yourself for your wedding, calm those nerves and make sure you stay a beautiful Bridechilla.

Wedding Day Nerves

wedding day nervesSurveys have shown that as many as 92% of brides get nervous on their wedding day. It’s perfectly normal to feel stressed, anxious and excited and it doesn’t mean you’re making a mistake. The best thing you can do to calm your wedding nerves and stay a Bridechilla is to expect to have these feelings and take a bit of time to focus on the LOVE!

If you’re worried about all eyes being on you then remember that you’re surrounded by people who love you and are here to celebrate your happiness! Little things will go wrong on your wedding day so stay focused on the big picture – you’re getting married! – and let the little things slide.

Take 10

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or nervous in the lead up to your wedding day or on the day itself, take 10 minutes for yourself! Find a quiet spot to sit and reflect on your vision for the day. Start by taking 4-5 deep breaths and then imagine standing at the aisle, looking at your husband-to-be. Imagine how you’ll feel and Anti-bridezilla tip #7the love you’ll be feeling for yourself, your man, your family and your friends. See yourself getting your photos taken, entering the reception and basking in the celebration of your LOVE!

Reflect on how far you’ve come, individually and in your relationship, and if you’re not exactly where you want to be, remember, health and love is a journey, not a destination. Be kind to yourself and remind yourself that your wedding day is the START of a whole new adventure!

Pamper Project!

Schedule 10 minutes from your day to sit down and practice this calming technique. Notice how different it makes to how you feel and come back to it any time you need to calm those perfectly normal, wedding day nerves!

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6 Tips for Glowing Bridal Skin

Weddings take preparation and your bridal skin is no exception! Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut to creating naturally radiant skin but taking the time to prepare your skin leading up to your wedding will ensure a long-lasting and perfect application of your make-up and spray tan. Caring for your skin is a great, relaxing pamper session and these 6 tips will set you up to create healthy, smooth skin that’ll have you shining on your wedding day!

  1. Exfoliate

bridal skinExfoliation is one, if not the most important step to achieving radiant skin on your wedding day. Without regular exfoliation, even the most flawless skin is covered by a thin layer of dead skin cells that dull your glow. It’ll also help to clear clogged pores, minimise ingrown hairs and reduce breakouts. To reveal fresh and radiant skin exfoliate once or twice a week with a scrub, loofa or a face and body mask.

Your skin is delicate so use a gentle, circular motion to polish your skin and don’t over-exfoliate (more than twice a week) as this can damage your skin. Your lips need exfoliating too and to do this, apply lip balm and use an old toothbrush in a circular motion to gently polish away rough skin.

While it’s easy to remember to do a weekly face mask and/or scrub, don’t forget the rest of your body. Take a relaxing bath or shower and scrub from head to toe to bring out that all-over bridal shine!

  1. Hydrate

In the lead up to your wedding make sure that you drink at least 2 litres of water every day to help your body filter out toxins that can lead to dull skin and breakouts. Your skin is made up of cells and not drinking enough water leads to dry and flaky skin.

  1. Moisturise

Soap, hot water, the sun and wind can all dry your skin out so for beautifully hydrated bridal skin make sure that you moisturise daily! The type of moisturiser that you use should be matched to your skin type i.e. a lighter, oil free moisturiser for oily skin or a thick, nourishing moisturiser for very dry skin. You might even need to mix and match as different parts of your body will have different moisture levels.

For the best absorption, apply your moisturiser straight after a shower or washing your face. This will also form a protective layer to stop your skin from drying out.

  1. Hot showers dry out your skin and hairUse Cold Water

Hot water dries your skin out and can make skin red and aggravated. Try having cooler or cold showers and always wash your face in cold water to tighten your pores, keeping natural oils in, dirt out and reduce breakouts.

  1. Avoid Using New Products

Even if your skin isn’t usually sensitive, it takes a few weeks for your skin to get used to using new facial products. Find body and face care products that you like and stick to them to avoid any unnecessary breakouts or reactions to using new products as your wedding date nears.

  1. Get Your Sleep!

Your skin does almost all of its healing while you’re asleep so don’t skimp on your beauty sleep! It’s also important to keep dark circles at bay and reduce stress that causes breakouts.

Pamper Project!

Set 30 minutes aside this week for a head-to-toe bridal exfoliation treatment! Put a candle on, take a bath and enjoy the relaxing feeling of bringing your radiant bridal skin to the surface.

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Your Essential Guide to Nail Your Bridal Hands

With a super long to-do list of menu planning, seating arrangements, dress alterations, make-up, etc… your bridal hands and nails are pretty easy to overlook. But when the moment comes for him to slip that special ring on your finger, you’ll want your hands to be photograph ready! Whether you’re planning on getting a manicure, acrylic nails or keeping them natural, this quick and easy bridal hands and nail treatment is a must-do weekly pamper session for any bride to be!

Step One – Remove Old Nail Polish

Always start with a clean base by removing any worn nail polish with some remover on a cotton pad.

Step Two – Exfoliate

As with the rest of your body and face, exfoliation is the key to having smooth skin. Gently massage a little bit of hand or body scrub into each hand. Spend at least a couple of minutes on each hand, working towards the tips of your fingers to polish away any dry skin and reveal a fresh glow. Don’t forget to do the palms of your hands too! These can get quite dry and it’ll help get rid of any tough calluses from your bridal workouts.

bridal handsStep Three – File

Gently file your nails with an emery board to a length and shape that you like.

Step 4 – Care for Your Cuticles

Apply a cuticle remover to your nails to remove any excess skin easily and painlessly.

Step 5 – Strengthen Your Nails

Apply a nail hardener or strengthening treatment to your nails to prevent breakages and ridges.

Step 6 – Moisturise

Once your nail hardener has dried, apply a good quality moisturiser all over your hands. Make sure you work the moisturiser into your nails as well to strengthen and condition them. If you have particularly dry hands, apply a thicker layer before you go to bed and you’ll wake up with beautifully soft hands.

Pamper Project!

Invite your bridesmaids around for a pampering hand and nail session! Give each other a hand scrub, moisturise and have a play with some fun bridal colours.

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6 Surprising Reasons Why Your Bridal Makeover Should Include a Cold Shower


You might think that nothing sounds worse but cold showers are actually better for you than warm ones. Here’s 6 reasons why your bridal makeover should include a cold one:

  1. cold showerStimulates wedding weight loss – Don’t feel like pounding the pavement today? Take a cold shower instead. Cold temperatures actually stimulate the body’s fat stores and increases fat metabolism by up to 15 times! One study even showed that people can lose up to 5kgs a year by taking a cold shower a day.

  2. Creates radiant skin and hair

    – Hot showers dry out your skin and hair while cold showers help to tighten your cuticles and pores, ‘sealing’ them to prevent dirt from getting in, keeping natural oils in and controlling breakouts.

  3. Speeds up muscle recovery and relieves soreness

    – You don’t need to go to the extreme of having an ice bath like some athletes do, but a cold bath or shower after exercising can help to reduce sore muscles.

  4. Increases alertness

    – For a caffeine-free energy boost, start your day with a cold shower! Cold water gives you a natural dose of energy by increasing your heart and breathing rates to wake you up and get your ready for the day.

  5. Improves immunity and circulation

    – Cold water encourages your blood flow to concentrate around the core, improving how well your organs and heart function. It even lowers your blood pressure and improves your immune system!

  6. <h4For a caffeine-free energy boostEases wedding stress and depression– When your skin is exposed to cold water, it sends a series of electrical impulses and ‘happy’ hormones to your brain that helps to reduce stress and can even improve depression.

Pamper Project!

Embrace the bridechilla and take a cold shower or bath! To reduce the shock, start off with your normal temperature for 2-3 minutes and then gradually cool it down to 10-15°C over the next 5 minutes.

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14 Essentials for Your Bridal Makeup Rescue Kit

On your wedding day your makeup gets a real workout! Your photographer will want to snap all the hugs, kisses, talking, eating and dancing so having a bridal makeup rescue kit is essential to keep you glowing flawlessly from the first look to the end of night send off.

Bridal Makeup Rescue Kit Essentials

To save you from becoming a bridezilla a few days before the wedding, you’ll want to have your makeup rescue kit sorted well in advance. Have a chat to your wedding makeup artist about what he/she recommends. At the very least, make sure that these basics are included in your wedding day kit:

  1. Foundation
  2. bridal makeupPressed powder or translucent setting powder
  3. Concealer
  4. Eye pencil
  5. Mascara
  6. Lip pencil
  7. Lipstick
  8. Lip gloss
  9. Blush
  10. A quality brush set
  11. Blotting paper
  12. Cotton tips
  13. Sponge applicators for liquid foundation
  14. Tissues

Have a chat to your maid of honour to check that she’s comfortable being in charge of this vital bag and work out a good place that you can leave it once you’re at the reception. If you’re having an outdoor wedding you’ll also need to consider if you’ll need sunblock and if so, trial a few different types to find one that works with your makeup. You might also want to throw in a pocket sized mirror so that you can touch up anywhere that you might need to!

Long-lasting wedding makeup starts with a good base, so for a simple guide on how to create wedding makeup that lasts all evening, check out my blog post here.

Anti-bridezilla tip #1Pamper Project!

Create your ultimate bridal makeup rescue kit list!

Once you’ve got that, have a look at which products you already have and what you might still need to get. For hygiene, you’ll want to throw anything out that’s more than 12 months old (except for powders) and check with your bridal makeup artist if they provide a touch up kit that includes your wedding makeup colours. If you don’t already have good quality makeup tools, these are a worthwhile investment for that flawless finish!

After that, compile a list of any items that you still need to buy and find a cute bag that will fit everything for a stress free, perfect makeup day!

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How to Create Picture-Perfect Bridal Smoky Eyes!

Smoky eyes are the makeup equivalent of the little black dress! They’re super versatile and suitable for almost any occasion from professional corporate look to a dramatic night on the town. Bridal makeup looks almost always incorporate smoky eyes and they’re easier to create than you’d think.

Follow this step-by-step guide for a super sexy, smoky bridal look!

  1. Create a base by applying primer, then foundation followed by setting powder to bring out the colour and prevent creasing
  2. Apply a light shade of eye shadow to the inner half of the eyelid
  3. Apply a dark kohl pencil to the upper lid and lash line
  4. Smudge the pencil to give a smoky effect using a brush, cotton tip or finger
  5. Apply a medium shade of eye shadow to the outer half of the eyelid and blend into the crease
  6. Apply a dark shade of eye shadow to the outer third of the eyelid and blend into the medium shadow and crease, stopping half way through the pupil
  7. For extra pop and to really open the eye, apply highlighter to the inner eyelid
  8. Lastly, apply your mascara and give 2-3 coats for extra volume

Smokey Colourssmoky eyes

Smoky eyes are usually created with shades of brown or black but you can actually use any colour you’d like! You’ll still need a light, medium and dark shade.

Try using a deep plum to add sophistication to lighter greys or mix browns with a metallic gold for a sunned, bronzed look.

Pamper Project!

Practice this smoky eye technique every day for the next week to trial different bridal looks. Use lighter, more natural colours during the day and bust out the stronger colours for evenings out!

A Strange Fact

Smoky eyes gives the illusion that the outer eye is deeper in the sockets – a physiological phenomenon that occurs during a female climax. So I guess science proves that smoky really is sexy!

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How to Create Flawless, Kiss-Proof Lips!

Your lips are probably the most demanding part of your wedding makeup! They not only need to look good, you want them to stay perfect from that first married kiss to pre-dinner drinks through to dessert!

Follow these steps for flawless, kiss-proof lips to complete your bridal makeup look!

Step 1 – Exfoliate!

You can’t expect a perfect result without having a smooth, crack-free base so exfoliate your lips every other day. Simply put some lip balm on your lips and brush them gently with an old toothbrush in circular motion.

kiss-proof lipsStep 2 – Apply Base.

Apply foundation or concealer over your entire lips. This will form a base to help your lipstick last longer and will allow the truest colour of your lipstick to show through.

Step 3 – Powder.

Apply a translucent setting powder around the lip area.

Step 4 – Line.

Using a lip liner is key to defining your lip shape and increasing the pout (a thumbs up on your wedding day). Always start from the middle of your lips at the peak or cupids bow and work outwards before moving on to the lower lip.

Step 5 – Fill.

Grab your lip liner and fill in your lips! It doesn’t need to be too perfect but doing this will create a base for your lipstick to anchor to your lips. If you don’t want to wear a lipstick, just a gloss, this step will also make your lipgloss last longer!

Step 6 – Powder.

Apply a second layer of translucent setting powder. Creating layers of lipstick and powder will help your lipstick to stay on for the whole day!

Step 7 – Lipstick.

Use a lip brush and apply your chosen lipstick in a nice, even and thin layer. Using a brush allows you to apply the lipstick more evenly, smoothly and will use less product. The aim is to build up lots of thin layers to help the colour stay on for longer. Use a tissue to blot off any excess.

Date nights are a great excuse to pamper yourselfStep 8 – Powder.

Apply another layer of translucent setting powder to hold the lipstick in place. Build up the layers by applying another thin coat of lipstick with your brush again, blot and set again with powder.

Step 9 – Gloss.

Once set with the final layer of powder, apply your gloss. Gloss is optional and gives you a great pout but it will decrease how long your perfect lips will last.

Lipstick and gloss are essentials for your bridal or date night kit so that you can do touch-ups if you need to.

Pamper Project!

Before your next date night, choose your favourite colour, apply it as above and go forth and enjoy your kiss-proof lips all night long!

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The Secret to Long-Wearing Foundation

Every woman wants her makeup to look fresh all day long whether it’s your wedding day or not! Follow these simple tips on makeup and lippie application that will have your face looking radiant and perfect all day and date night long…

Primer: You may have heard the expression “it’s a crime not to prime”. In the world of bridal beauty, this is so true! Primers help to fill in fine lines and open pores to create a flawless base for your makeup. It creates a barrier between your skin and your makeup. Your skin moves all day long (especially as women we tend to talk a lot) so primer reduces friction, allowing it to last longer. Don’t forget to apply primer to the eyelids and corners of the mouth.It is not arrogant or egotisitcal to feel good inside

Foundation: Apply your foundation (liquid, pressed or mineral powder) over the top of your primed face for a more flawless finish that will last for your whole date.

Setting Powder: Applying setting powder over your foundation will help it last longer.

Maintenance: Avoid contact with fabric, carry a rescue kit of blotting paper and powder to absorb excess oils, and even a sponge with you liquid/cream foundation for any touch-ups; especially around the eyes or corners of the mouth.

Pamper Project!

Give these foundation tips a try and watch your makeup last long into the day and night.

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Follow this Simple Bridal Beauty Regime

Step-by-step bridal skincare regime

Bridal Beauty regime tips

In just 30 days you can achieve healthier, clear skin using this bridal beauty regime to have you walking proudly down the aisle. The more flawless and radiant your skin is underneath your makeup, the more captivating you will look on your wedding day. To achieve flawless skin try the following dietary and bridal beauty regime tips:
1. Drink plenty of water as this will help keep your skin hydrated and supple.
2. Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake. Both have been known to have a drying effect.
3. Get 7-9hrs sleep daily since this allows your skin cells to repair and renew overnight.
4. Eat foods that are rich in anti-oxidants eg. berries, artichokes, red grapes and red wine, beans, carrots, apples, potatoes and dark chocolate.
5. Follow a skincare regime: Use a gentle cleanser and non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores) moisturizer. If you have acne prone skin, look for a clInvest in your skineanser that has benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid as the active ingredients. Never go to bed with the dirt of the day on your face so be sure to wash nightly. Be gentle. Oil is a natural barrier on our skin. The harder you scrub, the more prone to oil you will become since it’s the skin’s natural defence. Pat dry and apply moisturizer. If you have hormonal acne, (typically acne that is large and painful and manifests around the jawline area) see your dermatologist. Masking once per week will help remove that top layer of dead skin cells, minimises the appearance of large pores and gives your skin a radiant glow. Masking is a must for any bridal beauty regime and should be introduced not less than 1 month before the wedding.
6. Use Safe and healthy products: Look for products free of animal fats or mineral oils, pH balanced, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested (not just recommended), natural, gentle and sensitive products without the harsh chemicals.
When choosing a face mask7. USE SUNSCREEN DAILY! I saved this for last because it is the MOST important step. Not only will a daily sunscreen protect from potential skin cancer, but it also helps you to stay looking young! Sun damage = wrinkles. Look for at least an SPF 30. Many companies now have a daily moisturizer with sunscreen that is light and odourless so you don’t have to worry about smelling like you just left the beach.

Pamper Project!

Check out all your beauty products. If they’re expired, old, or have off limit ingredients, toss them out! Next, go find a moisturizing sunscreen you’ll begin using daily.

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