Finding time for health

“When you look at your schedule, ask yourself “WHO do I want to BECOME?” not “What do I have to DO?”. – Bill Hybels

Following on from my last blog about reengineering your indoor and outdoor world to be healthy, this blog focuses on reengineering your calendar to make space for health.

It’s time to ditch the “I’ve got no time!” excuse

finding time for health, finding time to exercise, finding time for cookingOne of the biggest barriers people typically bump up against when trying to forge a new direction with their health, is occupied space which presents as the declaration, asserted as though it were reality, “I’ve got no time!”. This is simply NOT the case. Time is purely a function of your priorities. If you won lotto I’m sure you’d have time to collect your winnings. Too often we try to do something new without first ‘making room’ for it. The problem with that is it’s like trying to build a new house on top of an old one-it doesn’t work. We first need to remove the noise, busyness and bricks weighing us down in order to reach our breakthrough – body, beauty or otherwise. So before declaring ‘I’ve got no time to (insert health behaviour here)’, instead just own responsibility for the things you CAN reengineer to optimize your health. Maybe its time to give some things up to MAKE SPACE for the things that really matter. Breakthrough often happens when you shift from asking “what do I need to DO more of?” to “what do I need to GIVE UP?”

The Power of Planning

“Time will pass anyway, you may as well spend it creating the life that you want” – unknown

Time Budget Template

Time Budget Template

Time won’t readjust itself to align with your (health) values, you have to schedule it. Your health isn’t something that will scream at you if you miss a deadline, stuff up or neglect it, but instead it’s that quiet voice of your conscience that whispers “Don’t forget about me” and “I matter”.


This week create a Time Budget to account for the 24 hour gift you spend every day. Download your FREE Time Budget Template here
. Also consider designing your week before it starts with my Super Sunday Scheduling Sheet

Reengineering your environment for health

“Healthy people are those who live in healthy homes on a healthy diet; in an environment equally fit for growth, work, healing and wholeness” – Ivan Illich

In your pursuit of health, your environment will either set you up for success, or doom you to fail. Sure there are parts of our environment that we can’t directly control – like where we live, government policy or the abundance of temptations all around us – but there are so many things that we CAN control or influence. We can reengineer our home, workplace, lunchbox, social circles and calendar appointments to serve rather than steal from our health.

Reengineer your Home

healthy food, healthy fridge, healthy pantry, pantry purge, wedding dress dietYour HOME is the 4 walls in which you live. Its contents can both help or hinder your transformation. The HOME has the most influence on how you EAT. Australians spend 90% of their time indoors, so it makes sense to REENGINEER your indoor spaces so they are as healthy as possible. Why not reengineer your fridge and pantry, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and chill out zones to help rather than hinder your health habits.

Reengineer your Playground

play exercise outdoors eat play love wedding workouts, wedding weight lossOutside of your HOME is a big wide world to be explored, your PLAY-GROUND. It includes your work, transport, hobbies, recreation, gym, parks, beaches and much more. Your mission is to turn these places into just that, PLAY-grounds. This will help you to PLAY and MOVE in ways that are fun and easy.


Your first step in REENGINEERING your HOME environment is through performing a fridge and pantry purge. This can be a fun spring cleaning activity ridding you of the processed and toxic food and beverages and replacing them with fresh and life-giving ones. A positive outcome of your pantry purge is that you can donate your unwanted items to a local food pantry or shelter that helps feed the homeless.

Perform a pantry purge as per my video on re-engineering your environment and using your Pantry Purge Checklist which you can download here.

Finding the motivation to get fit and healthy

“Let food by thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

Eating to excess has become so ingrained in our culture and consequently we have lost our internal gauge of how much food is enough amidst the buffet of life. The temptation as a bride is to dive head-first into the strictest of diets and will yourself to hold out until you have danced down the aisle. Traditional diets focus on structure and deprivation rather than a balanced approach to EATing.
lose weight

Understanding what drives you

As human beings, we’re motivated – largely at a subconscious level – by feelings of pain and pleasure. No surprises, but we tend to behave in a way that avoids pain and pursues pleasure. Take for example the pleasurable feelings of love. When gripped by the strong feelings of love, we will be heavily motivated to act in a way that pursues the source of our love (you would know being engaged). Conversely when experiencing feelings of fear towards a person or task, we will tend to behave in a way that escapes or avoids that source of that pain. We do what we do for a feeling. Another example: Ask a couch potato why they don’t exercise and they’ll most likely say they don’t ‘feel’ like it. Why the same coach potato does ‘feel’ like eating to excess, can be explained by the fact that the emotional part of our brain – the limbic system – is highly stimulated by taste and smell, hence why they ‘comfort eat’, why many of us comfort eat.

The Goal is Balance

Weight lossSo instead of embracing the rabbit food diet, which is painful, instead seek balance to achieve wedding weight loss. Why seek balance? Excess weight, tiredness and illness are all a result of being out of balance. Balance is the REAL secret to shedding the excess weight from your body.

When you embrace a balanced diet of unprocessed whole-foods your tastebuds which are conditioned to consume foods high in fat, salt and sugar will initially complain and you may even experience horrid withdrawal symptoms. However the good news is that your tastebuds turnover every 10-14 days and once you’ve endured the initial pain of trending away from highly processed foods, you actually begin to experience pleasure from healthy, wholesome foods. So much so that once adjusted to your new wedding dress diet, old foods that previously gave you pleasure, will become overpowering in fattiness, saltiness or sugariness. It’s at this point of PLEASURE realisation, that we’re able to experience more sustained motivation to get fit and healthy because the PLEASURE payback kicks in.

So girls make your goal be about BALANCE so that you avoid becoming one of the 25% of brides that pack on 10kg in their 1st year of marriage.

TRANSFORMATION TASK: Learn about the importance of BALANCE and set up your environment for health success by watching my video below and downloading your free Pantry Purge Checklist here.

How to Achieve Wedding Weight Loss

y marriage, wedding weight loss, marriage preparationWithout-a-doubt, getting married is one of the most exhilarating and happy times of your life. Prince charming picked YOU and together you’re about to embark on a lifelong adventure.

Sometimes those positive emotions that accompany declarations of ‘We’re getting married!!!’ are crowded out by negative emotions associated with overwhelm at planning a wedding. In fact the average bride spends 11 hours a week planning her wedding – ouch!

Amidst the wedding planning chaos, you may even decide to join the other 84% of brides who go on a wedding weight loss mission. Many of whom pull up a permanent treadmill in the gym and try to live off rabbit food. Done without care these changes and stressors can be a recipe for Bridezilla.

Discover your valuesYou’re not alone

I too was a bride-to-be on the wedding weight loss mission. I was motivated to look my best for my new husband, not just for the wedding, but so I could be an irresistible honeymoon companion and ultimately a fit wife for life. On my journey to the aisle, I got tempted and continually frustrated by the myriad of wedding diets and wedding workouts that were all hype but no substance. How many women do you know that adopt a crazy diet, lose weight and no sooner do they replace the shakes with solids (an inevitable fact of life – we need FOOD) then they put the weight straight back on again. In fact there is no group that this is more typical than bride-to-be’s. The average bride gains weight in her first year of marriage, with one in four gaining a whopping 10kg – can I hear another ouch!?

Here’s a wedding weight loss secret

You can’t consistently behave in a way that is inconsistent with your core values. In other words, you have to VALUE your health, in order to BE healthy…long-term.

As much as you yearn for the outcome of a healthy body on a conscious level, you will only truly achieve this if you first

  • Place VALUE your health,
  • BELIEVE you can be healthy,
  • ACT in a consistent way towards health and finally,
  • Learn to LOVE the behaviours associated with a healthy lifestyle.

SMART Goal SettingIf you’ve tried multiple times and failed at weight loss in the past, then maybe its because deep down you don’t value your health. Maybe if you took a reality check you’d realise that you actually value your career, financially getting ahead, your ‘foodie’ reputation, your weekend social binges, people-pleasing or your sedentary hobbies far too much to make permanent changes to these lifestyle choices.

Transformation Task: 

Before we move any further, I want you to consider whether HEALTH is one of your core values. To assist you with this task download your FREE Goal Setting Sheet here and complete the ‘Identifying your Values’ section.