14 Essentials for Your Bridal Makeup Rescue Kit

On your wedding day your makeup gets a real workout! Your photographer will want to snap all the hugs, kisses, talking, eating and dancing so having a bridal makeup rescue kit is essential to keep you glowing flawlessly from the first look to the end of night send off.

Bridal Makeup Rescue Kit Essentials

To save you from becoming a bridezilla a few days before the wedding, you’ll want to have your makeup rescue kit sorted well in advance. Have a chat to your wedding makeup artist about what he/she recommends. At the very least, make sure that these basics are included in your wedding day kit:

  1. Foundation
  2. bridal makeupPressed powder or translucent setting powder
  3. Concealer
  4. Eye pencil
  5. Mascara
  6. Lip pencil
  7. Lipstick
  8. Lip gloss
  9. Blush
  10. A quality brush set
  11. Blotting paper
  12. Cotton tips
  13. Sponge applicators for liquid foundation
  14. Tissues

Have a chat to your maid of honour to check that she’s comfortable being in charge of this vital bag and work out a good place that you can leave it once you’re at the reception. If you’re having an outdoor wedding you’ll also need to consider if you’ll need sunblock and if so, trial a few different types to find one that works with your makeup. You might also want to throw in a pocket sized mirror so that you can touch up anywhere that you might need to!

Long-lasting wedding makeup starts with a good base, so for a simple guide on how to create wedding makeup that lasts all evening, check out my blog post here.

Anti-bridezilla tip #1Pamper Project!

Create your ultimate bridal makeup rescue kit list!

Once you’ve got that, have a look at which products you already have and what you might still need to get. For hygiene, you’ll want to throw anything out that’s more than 12 months old (except for powders) and check with your bridal makeup artist if they provide a touch up kit that includes your wedding makeup colours. If you don’t already have good quality makeup tools, these are a worthwhile investment for that flawless finish!

After that, compile a list of any items that you still need to buy and find a cute bag that will fit everything for a stress free, perfect makeup day!

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The 5 Love Languages and Why Every Bride to Be Should Use Them

As a bride-to-be, I’m sure you’ll agree that falling in love is easy! It’s the staying in love that requires a daily, lifelong commitment. As you prepare for your wedding day I want to share with you the 5 love languages and how you can use them to create a fulfilling, healthy and sustainable romantic relationship.

The 5 Love Languages

The 5 languages of love are all ways that we can show and be shown love. They include:

  1. love languagesWords of affirmation
  2. Acts of service
  3. Receiving gifts
  4. Quality time
  5. Physical touch

We naturally try to show our love for others by speaking our own love language but if the person we love doesn’t speak the same language, they may not recognise your action as a sign of your love. Learning to speak your partners love language is a powerful tool to help you to create a strong and lasting marriage where you both feel truly loved.

How to Discover Your Love Language

“Love can be expressed and received in all 5 languages – words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, quality time and receiving gifts. However, if you don’t speak a person’s primary love language, that person will not feel loved, even though you may be speaking the other four” ― Gary Chapman

Finding out what love language you feel the most is the first step to understanding your own behaviour a little better. Most people will identify with more than one love language but these three steps will help you to discover what makes you feel the love:

  1. How do you normally show people that you love them?

  2. What do you often complain about?

    If you find yourself wishing that your fiancé would buy you flowers, then you feel loved when you receive a gift. If you feel like you never spend enough quality time together then time is important to you.

  3. What do you request most often? Are you always asking for a massage?

    If so, physical touch is one of your love languages. If you’re asking for feedback on how if you’ve done a good job then words of affirmation speak strongly to you.

Once you are speaking his or her primary love languageOnce you know the love languages that work for both you and your partner you can use these to express your love in a way that they will readily receive! You may even be able to appreciate something that your partner does more because you can see that they were using their love language to try to do something nice for you.

Transformation Task

Discover your love language is by completing this quiz. Have your partner do the same and then do one thing for them that shows your love in their own language.

Once you are speaking his or her primary love language fluently, then you can sprinkle in the other four and they will be like icing on the cake.” ― Gary Chapman

5. Love Languages Quiz

How to HIIT Your Wedding Weight Loss Goals!

HIIT, or high intensity interval training, is a type of exercise that combines short bursts of vigorous ‘huffy puffy’ exercise with rest or low intensity periods. The goal is to be working at or near your MAX capacity for intervals with a rest in between to allow your heart rate slow down before repeating again. HIIT training allows you to push harder than if you were working at a steady-state and is one of the best ways to improve your fitness and burn calories. If all of that wedding planning has left you short on time, HIIT is the perfect way to turbo-charge your workouts and reach your wedding weight loss goals in a short amount of time.

HIITThe Science Behind HIIT

By encouraging your heart rate to fluctuate up and down HIIT has been shown to:

  • Burn up to 9 times more fat

    than steady state training by boosting your metabolism and creating an ‘after burn’ where your body continues to burn fat for up to 48 hours after you’ve finished exercising; and

  • Increase your fitness and strength in less time

    than steady state cardio. 30 minutes of HIIT 3 times per week has been shown to increase your aerobic and anaerobic fitness the same amount that completing 60 minutes of steady state cardio 5 times a week

How to HIIT

Almost any exercise can be incorporated into HIIT workouts but the focus should be on movements that really get your heart rate elevated such as sprinting, jump lunges or burpees. Try these different HIIT formats:

  1. Tabata

    – Tabata training is a very short and INTENSE 4-minute workout protocol that involves 20 seconds of HARD work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 rounds. It is great if you are really fit or are very short on time.

  2. The Little Method

    – This 27-minute workout is great for all levels of fitness and involves 60 seconds of high intensity work followed by 75 seconds of low intensity movement for a total of 12 rounds.

  3. Turbulence Training

    – If you want to focus on improving your strength and muscle tone while burning calories try completing 8 rep sets of a weighted exercise with 1-2 minute cardio sets between them for a maximum of 45 minutes.

High intensity interval training is taxing on the body and should be tailored to your own fitness level. The fitter you get, the harder you can push making sure that every HIIT workout gets you one step closer to that wedding dress body!

Transformation Task

This week if you haven’t tried HIIT training before, give one of these methods a go! If you usually train using HIIT principles, then mix it up a bit; step it up a notch with tabata training or try something different like incorporating weights into your routine.

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Burn up to 9 time more fat through interval training when compared with steady-state exercise – Study by Quebec University

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Is Portion Distortion Hindering Your Wedding Weight Loss?

Did you know that portions have increased as much as 50% over the last 20 years? It’s important to know WHAT to eat, but knowing HOW MUCH to eat is also crucial if you want to achieve your wedding weight loss. Plates are larger, restaurants are serving up more food and anything packaged comes bigger than it was before. Don’t let portion distortion stop you from losing weight for your wedding! Take control and learn how much food your body really needs to fuel itself without overeating.

What’s On Your Plate?

To make sure that you are getting the right quantity of macronutrients to fuel your body every meal and snack should consist of an equal portion of carbs and protein.

Use your fist as a guide to serve yourself up an amount of protein and carbs that is perfect for you! A smaller person doesn’t use as much fuel as a larger person, so using your fist will give you the right amount of food for your own body rather than just serving up the same amount as your man eats.

If you are used to eating everything that’s on your plate regardless of how hungry you are, serve yourself up 80% of your normal serving or use a smaller plate.

Don’t forget the Hungermeter test and try to keep your tank ¾ full or ‘satisfied and not hungry’ at all times.

weight loss‘Hari Hatchi Bu’

The Okinawans are a Japanese community that are renown for living long, happy and healthy lives. They have a tradition of saying ‘hari hatchi bu’ before each meal which means, ‘eat until you’re 80% full’. This is a great principle to live by for optimal health and allows a buffer for the 20-minute delay between when we eat food and when our stomach registers that we’re full.

Transformation Task

Over the next couple of days take a look at your plate before you start eating and see if you’re having a fist sized portion of carbs and proteins with half a plate of vegies or salad for lunch and dinner. If not, start using this as a guide to make sure that you’re getting the right amount of macro-nutrients to fuel YOU and support healthy weight loss!

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How to Create Picture-Perfect Bridal Smoky Eyes!

Smoky eyes are the makeup equivalent of the little black dress! They’re super versatile and suitable for almost any occasion from professional corporate look to a dramatic night on the town. Bridal makeup looks almost always incorporate smoky eyes and they’re easier to create than you’d think.

Follow this step-by-step guide for a super sexy, smoky bridal look!

  1. Create a base by applying primer, then foundation followed by setting powder to bring out the colour and prevent creasing
  2. Apply a light shade of eye shadow to the inner half of the eyelid
  3. Apply a dark kohl pencil to the upper lid and lash line
  4. Smudge the pencil to give a smoky effect using a brush, cotton tip or finger
  5. Apply a medium shade of eye shadow to the outer half of the eyelid and blend into the crease
  6. Apply a dark shade of eye shadow to the outer third of the eyelid and blend into the medium shadow and crease, stopping half way through the pupil
  7. For extra pop and to really open the eye, apply highlighter to the inner eyelid
  8. Lastly, apply your mascara and give 2-3 coats for extra volume

Smokey Colourssmoky eyes

Smoky eyes are usually created with shades of brown or black but you can actually use any colour you’d like! You’ll still need a light, medium and dark shade.

Try using a deep plum to add sophistication to lighter greys or mix browns with a metallic gold for a sunned, bronzed look.

Pamper Project!

Practice this smoky eye technique every day for the next week to trial different bridal looks. Use lighter, more natural colours during the day and bust out the stronger colours for evenings out!

A Strange Fact

Smoky eyes gives the illusion that the outer eye is deeper in the sockets – a physiological phenomenon that occurs during a female climax. So I guess science proves that smoky really is sexy!

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10 Questions to Ask Your Fiancé BEFORE Your Wedding Day!

The time from your engagement to your wedding day it is a pretty busy and exciting time! With so much to think plan for the big day it is very easy to get swept away and forget exactly why you are planning this huge celebration! The shiny ring, a stunningly perfect dress and making sure that all of your friends and family have a great time are definitely important but don’t forget to prepare for married life AFTER your wedding.

10 questionsYou are making a lifelong commitment and it is essential as part of your marriage preparation to take some time BEFORE your wedding to make sure that you know all the details about your fiancé! Don’t be afraid to talk to him about the big stuff because being clear about both of your expectations and dreams will form the foundation for a happy marriage.

You may have things you want to ask, but these 10 questions will get you started:

  1. Chores –

    Who will be responsible for house cleaning and maintenance? What are your different needs in terms of cleanliness and organisation?

  2. Income –

    How much money do you earn together? Now? In one year? In five years? Ten?

  3. Financial Goals –

    What is your combined ultimate financial goal regarding annual income? When is it reasonable to have achieved it by? How will you achieve it as a couple?

  4. Work Hours –

    How much time do each of you spend at work and during what hours? How much time do you have to spend together outside of work?

  5. Food –

    Who is responsible for cooking? Food shopping? Cleaning up afterwards? Which meal times will you be able to eat together?

  6. Health –

    Are you happy with each other’s approach to health? Does one of you have habits or tendencies that concern the other e.g. smoking, excessive dieting, poor diet?

  7. Family –

    What part do your respective families play in your life as a couple? How often do you visit each family and socialise together?Communication is to a relationship like oxygen

  8. Children –

    Do you want children? If so, when? How many? How important is having kids to each of you? How will having a child change your life individually and as a couple? Will either of you want to take time off from work or work fewer hours to look after kids? For how long? How will having kids change your financial position? Will current roles about housekeeping, cooking, etc. need to change after having kids?

  9. Friendships –

    What are your needs and expectations regarding cultivating and maintaining friends outside of the relationship? Do these individual needs bother either of you?

  10. Religion –

    Do you share a religion or a faith? Do you belong to a church, synagogue, mosque or temple? If your religious beliefs aren’t shared, how does this impact your relationship? How will this impact the raising of your kids?

Transformation Task

Schedule a 1-2 hour coffee date for you and your fiancé to take some time out, work through this list of 10 questions and prepare yourselves for an amazing marriage!

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“Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life, without it…it dies” — Tony Gaskins

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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape and Style

When seeking to choose the perfect wedding dress style, don’t forget to consider your personality! Sure, it’s got to be absolutely gorgeous, flatter your figure and be appropriate to your venue, but rocking a dress that you feel like YOU in will help you to shine on your big day. After all, if you’re the kind of bride who’s going to be carving up the dance floor all night long, then a mermaid dress just won’t work, no matter how good it looks!

Read on to learn all you need to know about how to choose the perfect wedding dress for your style and personality so you can wear white with confidence!

What’s Your Wedding Dress Personality?

Before you start shopping to choose your perfect wedding dress, take a minute to think about what your everyday clothing style is and ask yourself these quick questions:

  • What type of clothes make you feel the most confident, feminine, sexy and the most like YOU?
  • What do you and your fiancé love about your body? What you try to hide?
  • Are you more concerned about style or comfort on your wedding day?

If you need a hand with this, be sure to check out our INFOGRAPHIC and take the ‘What Wedding Dress Suits my Body Shape?’ quiz below.

BRIDALICIOUS_infographic _final_SM

Wedding Dress Silhouettes


The empire wedding dress is simple, stylish and classic with a high waist design that fits to your upper torso, dropping to a soft, flowing skirt. They’re a great dress choice for something that’s both flattering and comfortable and lets you dance until your heart’s content! It’s also a great way to elongate your figure and allows you to hide everything below your waist.

2. Empire Dress Outcome Bec


A-line wedding dresses create a classic, unbroken silhouette with a fitted bodice and a skirt that gently flares down to the ground. They’re perfect for showing off the bust and small waists but also pull in and slim the stomach area for a secure and comfortable fit. Try a knee length a-line dress for a fun and playful wedding look or keep it traditional with a lace or tulle floor length option.

3. A-line wedding dress outcome Sal

Mermaid and Trumpet

For a bold bride who feels comfortable in her own skin, a mermaid or trumpet wedding dress is the perfect option to show off that feminine figure! Mixing sexy with sophisticated, these styles hug the body all the way down to the mid-thigh (trumpet) or knee (mermaid). Try lace for a boho look or silk for a chic and elegant style.

4. Mermaid Wedding Dress outcome Rach

Ball Gown

If you’ve been planning your wedding day since you were five and you totally want feel like a princess for a day, then a ball gown dress is definitely the way to go! Every bride to be should try one of these on at least once. The breathtaking, fairy-tale shape of this gown make it classic, timeless and forgiving, for an extra special feeling on your extra special day!

1. Ball Gown Wedding Dress outcome Hayley


If simple and chic is your go-to look, try a sheath or column wedding dress style. With a long, slim silhouette that follows your natural body line, this dress is the ultimate in classy and elegant wedding looks! The form fitting shape is perfect for body-confident brides who want to accentuate their figures. Add lace and embellishments for a perfect vintage look!
 5. Sheath wedding dress outcome Elise

Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Once you’ve found your wedding dress style, have fun with the shopping! Small differences in the dress’s shape and fabric can make a big difference to the overall fit so try on as many different gowns as you can.

At the end of the day, your perfect dress is the one that makes you feel like the millions of dollars that you’re always worth, choose the perfect wedding dress that shows your fiancé the real you and enjoy feeling confident!

Still to Pick your Dress?: Do the Quiz

Already Picked your Dress?: Get your FREE Wedding Dress Workout…

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WARNING: Strength Training Will Make You One SEXY Bride!

Strong is definitely becoming the new skinny because weight training is one of the best things that you can do to get that fit, wedding dress body!

Did you know that muscle is 40 times more metabolically active that fat? Fat is used AS energy while muscle USES energy and lots of it! That means the more lean muscle you have, the more energy you burn even when you aren’t doing anything at all!

strength trainingIf you want to lose weight for your wedding, make sure you incorporate strength training into your weekly workout plan. You can only burn so many calories through exercise but by increasing how metabolically active your body is the other 95% of the time, achieving your wedding weight loss will be a breeze!

Don’t worry, you won’t suddenly ‘bulk up’ or start looking manly from training with weights. Women aren’t genetically predisposed to adding muscle mass like men are. Lean muscle is actually more compact than fat and is exactly what gives you that tight, toned look. Upping the weights will only make you look smaller, firmer and sexier!

How Often Should You Strength Train?

In the lead up to your wedding you will want to focus on toning your back, chest and arms to look amazing in your dress! You need to be training each of these areas at least twice a week with 3-4 days of rest per muscle group for optimal recovery.

Muscle is 40 times more metabolically activeThe Bridalicious Bootcamp suggests doing three whole-body strength sessions per week and following a nutritious wedding dress diet plan for the best results! By committing 100% to your strength training sessions you will ideally increase your lean muscle mass a little which will help you to burn more fat all around the clock.

Transformation Task

This week get closer to having that toned, wedding dress body by adding extra weight in your strength sessions. Keep the number of reps the same but increase the weight that you are lifting so that you are pushing 9-10/10 in the last set. Let’s get you one step closer to that wedding weight loss goal!

Try my 4 week wedding workout today for just $1 to see the results of strength training for yourself.

“Strong is the new skinny!”

7. 1 dollar wedding workout

Stop Restricting and ADD Real Foods to Lose Weight!

Most diets are all about restricting certain foods; don’t eat anything with added sugar, cut out fruit, are you really going to have potatoes with that?!? This negative mind-set is one that we try to avoid here at Bridalicious! Make your wedding weight loss journey a positive one by focusing on ADDING real, unprocessed foods to your diet to watch that weight disappear.

Changing your attitude towards dieting to concentrate on INCLUDING more fresh, live, organic and nutrition-filled foods will set you up to lose weight more easily and reveal your wedding dress body!

Every single day your body needs fuel to produce skin, muscle and bone along with rich, red blood cells that carry nutrients and oxygen around your body. Without the right raw materials, your body can’t function properly and may lead to ‘cell starvation’. Your body needs at least 30 differentWhen you eat a meal that is high in calories from fat and sugar, for example a Big Mac meal, your cells are starved of the nutrition that they need and you’ll be left longing for more food, despite the total number of calories that you’ve eaten.

There are at least 30 vitamins and minerals that your body needs but can’t make on its own in sufficient quantities. Your body depends your diet to get these essential micro-nutrients so that it can function properly and get the most potential energy out of the food that you are consuming.

Instead of depriving yourself of food to try to lose weight, make sure that you eat whole, fresh foods that are nutrient-dense to give your body what it is actually craving! Doing this as part of your wedding dress diet will allow your body to function better, give you more energy and you will often see that excess weight seemingly ‘fall off’.

lose weightShould You Take Supplements?

While there is a place for supplements in the diet, taking pills should NEVER be an excuse to eat foods that are lacking in nutrition. Researchers have shown that consuming foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals is far better for your health and well-being than taking supplements. If you are lacking in a particular nutrient, try to include more foods that are naturally high in it even if your doctor has also recommended using a supplement.

Transformation Task

Embrace ‘Magic Mondays’ to get your week off to a great start by ADDING loads of fresh foods and eliminating processed foods. THIS Monday base all of your meals and snacks on plant-based, whole foods and watch the momentum and confidence that starting your week right can build!

If you’re ready to say goodbye to restrictive dieting, join our Bridalicious Team today here.

“Many nutritionists believe that 9 in 10 people receive insufficient vitamins, minerals and essential fats from their diet”

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How to Create Flawless, Kiss-Proof Lips!

Your lips are probably the most demanding part of your wedding makeup! They not only need to look good, you want them to stay perfect from that first married kiss to pre-dinner drinks through to dessert!

Follow these steps for flawless, kiss-proof lips to complete your bridal makeup look!

Step 1 – Exfoliate!

You can’t expect a perfect result without having a smooth, crack-free base so exfoliate your lips every other day. Simply put some lip balm on your lips and brush them gently with an old toothbrush in circular motion.

kiss-proof lipsStep 2 – Apply Base.

Apply foundation or concealer over your entire lips. This will form a base to help your lipstick last longer and will allow the truest colour of your lipstick to show through.

Step 3 – Powder.

Apply a translucent setting powder around the lip area.

Step 4 – Line.

Using a lip liner is key to defining your lip shape and increasing the pout (a thumbs up on your wedding day). Always start from the middle of your lips at the peak or cupids bow and work outwards before moving on to the lower lip.

Step 5 – Fill.

Grab your lip liner and fill in your lips! It doesn’t need to be too perfect but doing this will create a base for your lipstick to anchor to your lips. If you don’t want to wear a lipstick, just a gloss, this step will also make your lipgloss last longer!

Step 6 – Powder.

Apply a second layer of translucent setting powder. Creating layers of lipstick and powder will help your lipstick to stay on for the whole day!

Step 7 – Lipstick.

Use a lip brush and apply your chosen lipstick in a nice, even and thin layer. Using a brush allows you to apply the lipstick more evenly, smoothly and will use less product. The aim is to build up lots of thin layers to help the colour stay on for longer. Use a tissue to blot off any excess.

Date nights are a great excuse to pamper yourselfStep 8 – Powder.

Apply another layer of translucent setting powder to hold the lipstick in place. Build up the layers by applying another thin coat of lipstick with your brush again, blot and set again with powder.

Step 9 – Gloss.

Once set with the final layer of powder, apply your gloss. Gloss is optional and gives you a great pout but it will decrease how long your perfect lips will last.

Lipstick and gloss are essentials for your bridal or date night kit so that you can do touch-ups if you need to.

Pamper Project!

Before your next date night, choose your favourite colour, apply it as above and go forth and enjoy your kiss-proof lips all night long!

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