Hi, I’m Sally McMahon.Sal_Profile_pic

I’m an Exercise Physiologist, Health Coach, Nutrition Advisor and Makeup Artist. I’m married to an extraordinary man who oozes goodness and positivity, yet every evening behaves like a mentally challenged walrus as he tries to assume a comfortable sleeping position – you marry the good with the…weird. Paul and I are loving parents of furbaby ‘Buddy’, our 2 year old Border Collie, whose relentless kisses indicate he loves us right back.

I am passionate about helping women find freedom in their relationship with food and fitness. All because it was once such a struggle for me. That was until I uncovered some simple truths – and this became the reason why I created the Bridalicious Bootcamp.

I love supporting brides to look and feel great for their wedding day. Because, whether we like it or not girls, so much of our confidence is tied up in the way we look and feel. When we look and feel great, that confidence serves the world, our relationships and our marriage.

You see, just like you, I was once a bride-to-be and spent my engagement looking for that magic solution to be beautiful for my friends, family and most importantly my new husband on my wedding day.

Trouble is, I was prone to riding the weight loss roller coaster without truly achieving a healthy lifestyle – instead I was always on – not a diet! – but a ‘health kick’.

During these “health kicks” I would follow all of the advice I learned from every fitness magazine, Biggest Loser episode and healthy cookbook I could find. I exercised more, spent loads of money on organic foods, supplements, diet shakes and even attempted (and miserably failed) the cabbage soup diet, but nothing worked LONG-TERM.

Then I discovered – unfortunately AFTER my wedding – the cold, hard truth about why I simply couldn’t achieve my ideal weight. I made 2 fatal mistakes

* I relied fiercely on WILL POWER, MOTIVATION and lofty GOAL SETTING
* I was always STRIVING to be more, better and different

This was a losing battle, as it meant that I never arrived. Rather, I would always be discontent and unhappy in my body and so in turn, I would craft another set of colourful goals, promise myself that this time I would be “good”, and off I’d go. But it was only a matter of time, before I would fall off the horse again.

Sound familiar?

Then I discovered the truth: I was going about it all the wrong way!

There are 3 things that I changed to alter the course of my health and ultimately my life. And I want to share them with you:

1. I RE-ENGINEERED MY ENVIRONMENT to be healthy so that the focus was no longer about will-power, because let’s be real, we never have enough! There are so many ways I re-engineered my environment to limit temptation and promote health and not enough space to share on this page, but you will learn all my secrets as one of my special Bridalicious Bootcamp brides.

2. I DISCOVERED MY PURPOSE and began to live that out in my day to day life which made me fulfilled and happy. In turn this allowed me to align more closely with my core values of a healthy lifestyle instead of falling victim to negative emotions or circumstances.

3. I MARRIED MY BEST FRIEND and felt celebrated for who and what I was. In turn I became content and quit the stupid striving. Have a read of our Surfing Wedding magazine story!

A life of PLAYAn amazing outcome of these changes were that I ACHIEVED SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS – defined as over 10% of your body weight, which is kept off for at least one year – with almost zero effort or brain power. I have never in my life felt more happy and comfortable in my own skin. Hallelujah!

If you’re curious to hear more about my road to the aisle check out this short video

Transformation isn’t something that happens once and then we’re done; it is a lifelong path of self-renewal, being authentic, taking full responsibility and growing to LOVE ourselves.

This is the secret behind my successful Bridalicious Bootcamp Program. I share my life-changing lessons with you, so you can find confidence and happiness in your beauty and body BEFORE your wedding day. My ultimate goal is to help you become a FIT WIFE FOR LIFE so that you are not only confident and beautiful on your wedding day, but into your marriage. And remember, in all this preparation, that your marriage is the main event.

To Your Best Health & Beauty


Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Health Coach
Nutrition Advisor and Makeup Artist

Listen to my story before & after being a bride

What other brides say

“Sally is a passionate and knowledgeable coach who gives her all to her members. This program gets results. Whether you’re a bride, MOB or part of the bridal party, I would recommend Bridalicious Bootcamp to anyone seeking support, guidance and motivation to lose weight for their wedding” – Sam

“Whether your a seasoned gym junkie or just starting your fitness journey, then jump onboard Bridalicious Bootcamp for fresh ideas. Sally’s enthusiasm and passion will inspire you to change for the better…” – Bianca

“I found Sally’s knowledge, positive and passionate energy very inspiring and liked watching the weekly videos…” – Jade

“Thanks Sally, I got so much from your incredible Bridalicious Bootcamp and feel I am well equipped for a healthy and happy marriage…” – Fiona

“The whole experience was great. I encourage you to just do it!!! The knowledge shared by Sally is essential for sustainability and becoming a fit wife for life!” – Tegan


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