Kick Off Your Marriage with A Healthy Honeymoon!

Research has proven that couples who play together are happier together! People who regularly exercise together found that they feel closer and experience more positive emotions. In the lead up to your wedding, it’s worth thinking about your newly married life and how you can simply shift the healthy lifestyle habits you’re creating in the Bridalicious Bootcamp across to become a fit wife for life. Most new wives gain around 3kgs on their honeymoon and 1 in 4 go on to gain 10kgs by their first wedding anniversary. If you don’t want to undo all the hard work you’ve put in to get your wedding dress body, then read on to see how you can sustain your healthy habits beyond your wedding day.

Option One: YOHO (You Only Honeymoon Once)

It’s your honeymoon and the plan is that you’ll only be doing this once so let your hair loose! Have a blast! Sit on your bum! Drink cocktails! Master the art of buffet eating!

There is nothing wrong with this option but be aware that you could start your marriage 3kgs heavier! It is totally up to you!

Option 2: Keep Rocking That Bridalicious Bod!

For true weight lossAt Bridalicious Bootcamp I want you to find your flow with a healthy lifestyle that’s easy to sustain after your wedding day. You should be totally equipped to stick to your guns and EAT, PLAY, LOVE and PAMPER like you’ve been doing leading up to your wedding.

You’ll keep feeling good, looking hot and have heaps of energy to burn outdoors and indoors 😉

Option 3: EAT, PLAY, LOVE, PAMPER and Treat!

The third option is that you take option 2 and mix it with a bit of option 1. You EAT loads of the good stuff, treat yourself with some special foods, enjoy PLAY time, rest and rejuvenation, LOVE yourself and your new husband and find some PAMPER time in there too!

By maintaining your habits on your healthy honeymoon, you’ll still feel great and your PLAY sessions should help you to maintain your wedding dress body.

Honeymoon PLAY time

healthy honeymoonIt’s completely your choice which of these three options will work for you on your honeymoon and into your marriage!

If you want to keep up your regular PLAY while you’re honeymooning, think ahead and research some fun PLAY-grounds or activities at your holiday destination. Guys really do love going on adventures with their girl so how about paddle boarding? Kayaking around a tropical island? Going for a hike? Or play some tennis together? Remember, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is much easier if it’s fun!

Transformation Task

Research and think of 3-5 PLAY activities you and your new husband could enjoy together on your healthy honeymoon!

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“Couples who play together, stay together!”

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