‘In-to-me-see’: The Secret to Creating an Intimate Marriage

In order to create an exciting, active and healthy sex life in marriage, the first key ingredient is intimacy! During the Bridalicious Bootcamp, you’re encouraged to fall in love with yourself which is essential for you to create a true feeling of closeness and affection with your husband-to-be. As part of your marriage preparation, read this blog to learn about the definition of intimacy and how you can build a truly intimate marriage.

What is Intimacy?

intimacyAccording to Dictionary.com intimacy is defined as “showing a close union or combination of particles or elements: an intimate mixture. A close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group”.

A friend once shared with me a memorable phrase that intimacy truly means ‘in-to-me-see’. It’s a marriage of your heart with someone else’s heart so you can see into who they really are and so they can see who you really are.

“Intimacy means in-to-me-see”

Intimacy is so much more than just sex and can also involve connecting with someone in an emotional, intellectual and/or spiritual way. As husband and wife, the sexual part of your relationship is only way one to express intimacy and if you foster these other types of intimacy in your relationship, sex will be a natural expression of that.

Real Intimacy Begins with You

With your wedding day nearing it’s only natural to wonder how you’re going to build a truly intimate relationship with your soon-to-be husband. Real intimacy can only begin once you really know yourself. Your engagement period is the perfect opportunity to learn more about who you are, your fears, dreams, hopes and desires. Once you’ve connected with your own heart, you’ll be able to let your husband in to see who you really are too.

Connecting with someone in anMarital intimacy involves being honest and vulnerable with your spouse. It involves giving yourself fully to your partner, trusting them not to hurt you and sharing your happiness, frustrations, sadness and even anger with one another. The new level of intimacy that’s available to you on the other side of your wedding vows is such a beautiful thing! Foster it and enjoy the special relationship that only you and your husband can enjoy.

Transformation Task

Remember that intimacy means ‘in-to-me-see’ and let your new husband look at and experience the REAL you on your honeymoon and into your marriage.

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