6 Tips for Glowing Bridal Skin

Weddings take preparation and your bridal skin is no exception! Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut to creating naturally radiant skin but taking the time to prepare your skin leading up to your wedding will ensure a long-lasting and perfect application of your make-up and spray tan. Caring for your skin is a great, relaxing pamper session and these 6 tips will set you up to create healthy, smooth skin that’ll have you shining on your wedding day!

  1. Exfoliate

bridal skinExfoliation is one, if not the most important step to achieving radiant skin on your wedding day. Without regular exfoliation, even the most flawless skin is covered by a thin layer of dead skin cells that dull your glow. It’ll also help to clear clogged pores, minimise ingrown hairs and reduce breakouts. To reveal fresh and radiant skin exfoliate once or twice a week with a scrub, loofa or a face and body mask.

Your skin is delicate so use a gentle, circular motion to polish your skin and don’t over-exfoliate (more than twice a week) as this can damage your skin. Your lips need exfoliating too and to do this, apply lip balm and use an old toothbrush in a circular motion to gently polish away rough skin.

While it’s easy to remember to do a weekly face mask and/or scrub, don’t forget the rest of your body. Take a relaxing bath or shower and scrub from head to toe to bring out that all-over bridal shine!

  1. Hydrate

In the lead up to your wedding make sure that you drink at least 2 litres of water every day to help your body filter out toxins that can lead to dull skin and breakouts. Your skin is made up of cells and not drinking enough water leads to dry and flaky skin.

  1. Moisturise

Soap, hot water, the sun and wind can all dry your skin out so for beautifully hydrated bridal skin make sure that you moisturise daily! The type of moisturiser that you use should be matched to your skin type i.e. a lighter, oil free moisturiser for oily skin or a thick, nourishing moisturiser for very dry skin. You might even need to mix and match as different parts of your body will have different moisture levels.

For the best absorption, apply your moisturiser straight after a shower or washing your face. This will also form a protective layer to stop your skin from drying out.

  1. Hot showers dry out your skin and hairUse Cold Water

Hot water dries your skin out and can make skin red and aggravated. Try having cooler or cold showers and always wash your face in cold water to tighten your pores, keeping natural oils in, dirt out and reduce breakouts.

  1. Avoid Using New Products

Even if your skin isn’t usually sensitive, it takes a few weeks for your skin to get used to using new facial products. Find body and face care products that you like and stick to them to avoid any unnecessary breakouts or reactions to using new products as your wedding date nears.

  1. Get Your Sleep!

Your skin does almost all of its healing while you’re asleep so don’t skimp on your beauty sleep! It’s also important to keep dark circles at bay and reduce stress that causes breakouts.

Pamper Project!

Set 30 minutes aside this week for a head-to-toe bridal exfoliation treatment! Put a candle on, take a bath and enjoy the relaxing feeling of bringing your radiant bridal skin to the surface.

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