4 Reasons Why Water Is Your Bridal Makeover Medicine

There is a Slovakian proverb that says, ‘pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine’ and I’m sure you already know you should be drinking more of it! With your wedding day approaching here are four reminders of why drinking water is one of the best things that you can do for your bridal makeover.

  1. Picture Perfect Skin and Hair

Drinking lots of water is the best way to make your skin truly glow from the inside out. It helps to flush waste and toxins from your body and plump up your cells, making your skin and hair look fuller, clearer and more radiant!

  1. Water Helps You to Lose Weight

We often mistake the feeling of being thirsty for hunger which can lead you to eat more than you really needed. Drinking water makes your stomach physically fuller which sends a signal to your brain telling it to turn off appetite hormones like grelin to make you naturally eat less because you are full.

Inflammation in the body makes weight loss harder and it’s often caused by built up toxins. By flushing these out, water helps the weight to fall off more easily. It’ll also help to boost your resting metabolic rate so that you burn more calories throughout the day.

  1. Water Can Reduce Stress

bridal makeoverYour body needs water to function properly and when you’re dehydrated your cortisol levels increase. If you struggle to drink enough water each day, add a twist of lemon to it! Not only will it make it tastier, it’ll help to balance your blood pH levels, boost your energy, improve your immunity and lower your stress levels.

What an easy way to say goodbye to Bridezilla and hello to Bridechilla!

  1. Drinking Water is Easy!

Adapting to a healthier lifestyle is difficult for most people. You need to push yourself physically, get into a new routine of moving more in everyday life and learn how to cook delicious foods that are also healthy. Compared to all of that, drinking more water is easy! It’s also free and always available out or at home so why wouldn’t you?

How Much Water Do You Need?

The common rule of drinking 2 litres of water a day isn’t right for everyone. The amount of water you need every day depends on your body weight. You need about 30mL of water for every kilogram of body weight so:

Your Daily Water Intake (mL) = 30mL x ___(kg)

Honeymoon or Watermoon?

Pure water is the world's first and foremost medicineThe average bride puts on 3kgs on her honeymoon alone! How do you feel about undoing all of your hard, bridal makeover weight loss work so quickly?

Of course it’s your honeymoon so let your hair down! But that doesn’t mean you need to transform into garbage disposal and eat everything that’s in sight! If you want to become a fit wife for life take the first step by trying to keep your water intake up on your honeymoon! Especially if you’re heading away to a hot tropical island where you’re likely to get dehydrated, reach for a glass of water first when you’re hungry. This habit alone will help you to stay luminous and irresistible!

Transformation Task

As part of your bridal makeover, drink PLENTY of water! Aim for 30mL x body weight (kg) and keep it up during your honeymoon too.

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“Drink more water! Your skin, your hair, your mind and your body will thank you”