Bridal Makeup Looks: How to apply makeup so it lasts all day

Bridal makeup looks that last all day long. Every bride wants her makeup to look fresh, not just walking down the aisle, but all the way through to the final bride and groom farewell. Follow these simple tips on makeup and lippie application that will have your bridal makeup looking radiant and lasting all day long…

Long-wearing makeup application

Happy marriage farewelling the bride and groom

Primer: You may have heard the expression “it’s a crime not to prime”. In the world of bridal beauty this is so true. Primers helps to fill in fine lines and open pores to create a flawless base for your makeup. It creates a barrier between your skin which moves all day long (especially as women we tend to talk a lot) and your foundation. Primer reduces friction between your skin and makeup therefore allowing it to last longer. Don’t forget to apply primer to the eyelids and corners of the mouth.

Foundation: Apply your foundation (liquid, pressed or mineral powder) over the top of your primed face for a more flawless finish that will last all day.

Setting Powder: Apply setting powder over your foundation.

Waterproof Eyes: Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner for those inevitable happy tears.

Kiss-proof Lips

Bridal Makeup Looks with red lipsStep 1:

To ensure you achieve a smooth and crack-free base, exfoliate your lips every other day by putting  lip balm on your lips and then exfoliate using an old tooth brush, brushing in a gentle circular motion.

Step 2:

Apply foundation or concealer over your entire lip area as a base for your lipstick. This may seem a little bit strange taking the natural colour of your lips down, but in doing so it allows your chosen lipstick colour to stay its truest colour and last longer.

Step 3

Use a translucent setting powder around the lip area.

Step 4

The secret to really enhance your desired lip shade is to use a lip liner. And by using a lip liner, this defines your lip shape and increases the pout – a thumbs up on your wedding day. Start from the peak or cupids bow and then move to the lower lip. Always starting from the middle and working outwards.

Step 5

Fill your lip with a lip liner and don’t worry about being too perfect with because this is just purely to add a base and helps anchor your lipstick to your lips.
One tip: If you don’t want to wear a lipstick but a lip gloss then use a lipliner underneath. You just need to make that lipgloss last longer, so remember, line and fill before putting your lipgloss on. But in this example we’re putting lipstick on.

Step 6

Apply translucent setting powder. You might have noticed that we’re creating lipstick layers, upon powder, upon layers, upon powder and this creates a sandwich effect. With that sandwich effect, it will make your lipstick stay on for the whole day.

bridal makeup application

Step 7

Apply your chosen lipstick with a lip brush which applies more evenly, smoothly and uses less product. We want to build up lots of thin layers to create one thick layer as opposed to one solid thick layer because these layers help your lipstick stay on for longer. Take an ordinary tissue and blot.

Step 8

After you blot apply your translucent powder and that holds the lipstick in place. Repeat this process of lipstick and setting powder again to build the layers.

Step 9

Finally, if desired apply gloss. Note that gloss decreases the long-wearing potential of your lipstick, but it does give you a great pout. Always keep a lipstick and gloss in your bridal rescue kit for touch ups throughout the day.

Watch how its done with this instructional video ‘Bridal Lips that last forever!’

Summary of how to make your makeup last forever

Primer > Foundation > Setting powder (SP) > waterproof eyeliner and mascara > lip pencil > SP > lipstick layer 1 > SP > lipstick layer 2 > optional gloss = picture perfect skin and makeup that last the whole day through.


Do all of the above, watch the great video ‘bridal lipstick that lasts forever’ and go forth and be beautiful…all day long! If your need cosmetics for your bridal makeup kit I’ve linked a few products that I use and recommend as they are healthy and achieve great results.

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