Finding time for health

“When you look at your schedule, ask yourself “WHO do I want to BECOME?” not “What do I have to DO?”. – Bill Hybels

Following on from my last blog about reengineering your indoor and outdoor world to be healthy, this blog focuses on reengineering your calendar to make space for health.

It’s time to ditch the “I’ve got no time!” excuse

finding time for health, finding time to exercise, finding time for cookingOne of the biggest barriers people typically bump up against when trying to forge a new direction with their health, is occupied space which presents as the declaration, asserted as though it were reality, “I’ve got no time!”. This is simply NOT the case. Time is purely a function of your priorities. If you won lotto I’m sure you’d have time to collect your winnings. Too often we try to do something new without first ‘making room’ for it. The problem with that is it’s like trying to build a new house on top of an old one-it doesn’t work. We first need to remove the noise, busyness and bricks weighing us down in order to reach our breakthrough – body, beauty or otherwise. So before declaring ‘I’ve got no time to (insert health behaviour here)’, instead just own responsibility for the things you CAN reengineer to optimize your health. Maybe its time to give some things up to MAKE SPACE for the things that really matter. Breakthrough often happens when you shift from asking “what do I need to DO more of?” to “what do I need to GIVE UP?”

The Power of Planning

“Time will pass anyway, you may as well spend it creating the life that you want” – unknown

Time Budget Template

Time Budget Template

Time won’t readjust itself to align with your (health) values, you have to schedule it. Your health isn’t something that will scream at you if you miss a deadline, stuff up or neglect it, but instead it’s that quiet voice of your conscience that whispers “Don’t forget about me” and “I matter”.


This week create a Time Budget to account for the 24 hour gift you spend every day. Download your FREE Time Budget Template here
. Also consider designing your week before it starts with my Super Sunday Scheduling Sheet