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Have a listen to my ‘Bridezilla verses Bridechilla’ interview with Emma Mullings of Hope103.2FM

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Interview Transcript

Emma: Listeners you may have tuned in when Dan and Dwayne were discussing the Bridezilla phenomena, a condition where seemingly innocent girls turn into possible monsters in the lead up to their wedding. In your opinion Sally, what do you think causes the Bridezilla transformation for the unsuspecting bride-to-be?

Sally: Brides can become really overwhelmed and anxious with not just the pressures of planning a wedding and all of the relational dynamics that come with that, but also about how the will look and feel as they walk down the aisle. This isn’t helped by the fact so many brides try to live off rabbit food in the lead up to the wedding. Its hard to deal well with stress when we aren’t nourishing our body and soul with the right fuel let alone when the average bride is spending 11 hours a week, on top of a full time job, planning their wedding.

Emma: Sally as an Exercise Physiologist, Health Coach and Makeup Artist, you’ve developed a program to help women from becoming a Bridezilla, tell us a little bit about the program and how it can support women as they prepare for marriage?

Sally: Bridalicious Bootcamp is a 12 week online program which doesn’t just offer wedding dress diets and workouts, but it also addresses the head and the heart so brides can achieve but then sustain Bridaliciousness. Or put another way they can say goodbye to Bridezilla and hello to Bridechilla.

During the program women receive education around the 3 pillars of the program which are eat, play and love. Plus each week they are assigned a pamper project where they get to spoil themselves completely guilt free.

In effect Bridalicious Bootcamp is a brides dietician, personal training, life coach and beautician all rolled into one. With the ultimate goal to become a fit wife for life.

Emma: There is an emerging number of online fitness programs available, how is Bridalicious Bootcamp different?

Sally: The HEART of the program which is represented in the weekly LOVE readings. During the program we work to reengineer womens whole environment towards happiness and health. That way their body mind heart and spirit can follow.

So many women undergo strick diet and exercise programs in the leadup to their wedding. Statistically 84% of brides try to loose weight before their wedding and 1 in 4 put on 10kg in their first year of marriage so I found there was a real need to do something to support women in such an important time in their lives. To support them to do it sustainably and with a greater goal in mind, not just the wedding day.

My personal mission is to embody and inspire whole-person health and to promote my Fit Wife for Life Philosophy because I believe that a healthy heart, mind and spirit serves a healthy marriage.

Emma: Can bridesmaids and Mothers of the Bride do this program?

Sally: Yes absolutely. I’ve found its been a real bonding experience for bridal parties or even the bride and MOB to get healthy together.

Emma: How can people find you?

Sally: Easiest way is through my website They can nominate to start whenever suits and can even gift the program to a bride-to-be. Thanks for having me on the program.

Interview by Emma Mullings featured on Hope103.2FM on Wednesday 1st July 2015 (

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